Precious Partner...

    Always Stay Long Enough In The Secret Place To Create A Memory.
    God made places before He made people. Sanctify a place at your house where you talk to the Lord. I call my special place, The Secret Place. Make your special place something simple, habitual, ritualistic. When you wake each morning, move as quickly from your bed to The Secret Place as possible...the shortest distance possible.

    Set a small goal of coming into God’s Presence each day for 15 minutes. Play music to The Holy Spirit, get comfortable, relax and spend time talking to God, worshipping Him. Make this time a habit, something you do so routinely that even when you do not feel like it, you still come into The Secret Place.

    I Would Love To Hear From Today...would you email me at [email protected] and share with me the small things you are we can personally pray for you?

                                          I Love Being Your Intercessor,


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