My Precious Partner...

    You Are The Offspring of The Master Achiever of The Universe. 
    God’s first description of Himself reveals much. “In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the earth,” (Genesis 1:1). The Creator talks to His creation. His language is Pictures. Photographs. Visions. Dreams.
    During Some Season, God Will Schedule A Turning-Point In Your Life. A picture of your God-Potential will explode into a thousand possibilities. This Picture or Dream will instantly dispel the Darkness of Passivity and Mediocrity that has paralyzed your Achievement and Success.
        Your Dream Is The Picture God Gave You To Keep You Motivated. Something you can
see will keep you inspired for the Dream you cannot see.
    This beautifully bound edition of The Wisdom Library of Mike Murdock, Volume 8 contains two full-sized books, The Uncommon Dream and The Uncommon Achiever. It is one of the most valuable books you will ever include in your Wisdom Library. It reveals the remarkable secrets that can cause the unspoken craving of your heart to come to pass.

    If You Are Really Interested In Becoming Successful, this book will challenge you to break old habits and develop new ones to unlock your incredible, God-given potential. Here is a library of effective and authoritative Life-Changing truths that will energize and empower you to develop both the habits and lifestyle of an Uncommon Achiever. There is no other book like it available today.
    Your Partnership With Me Has Never Been More Needed Than Today. Please sit down and write the most generous offering you have ever invested in God’s work. Expect a very favorable reaction from God. What You Make Happen For Others, God Will Make Happen For You.


                                                     I Love Being Your Intercessor,


P.S. You Will Love My Gift Audio Download, "The Wisdom Library of Mike Murdock, 
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