My Dear Partner...

    Nobody Is More Misunderstood Than God.
    Many people believe that God is simply “the man upstairs.” They have never fully understood that He invites us to approach Him boldly for every need in our life. God wants you to live in abundance.
     Throughout the Bible, great achievers, who were obedient to their Divine calling, were very financially prosperous. Abraham, the friend of God, the patriarch, was incredibly wealthy. Isaac, his son, was so blessed that ungodly Philistines hated him and envied him. We know from the book of Proverbs, the rewards of Wisdom were always Wealth and Riches...Supply and Provision.

    What Is Wealth? Wealth is when you have as much of something you need or want. It is more than money. It is a Supply Principle.
God wants you to have enough to provide for your family.
God wants you to have enough to give to the poor.
God wants you to have enough to finance The Gospel thoughout the world.
    God wants you to be blessed. But to receive His blessing, we must pursue it...reach for it. You cannot qualify for something you are unwilling to pursue. James writes, “ have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss,” (James 4:2-3). What do you want? What do you want financially? You must narrow it down clearly. The Holy Spirit will instruct you. He will help you clarify and define your Financial focus, but you must focus your Faith. God’s Word will work inside you to make you a magnet for good things to come into your life. But you must embrace His Word as your Financial Wisdom. 

    Expectation Is Required. You must start expecting insights from God...Golden Connections from Him. You must expect The Holy Spirit to talk to you and connect you with Divine Investments that will make a difference in your life.
    Right Now, I Want To Come Into A Covenant With You that The Word of God will grow in you like a Seed until the Financial Faith of God is operating in your life. I want you to be fully persuaded that The Holy Spirit will link you Divinely to the place where your gift will flourish...with Golden Connections...Wisdom...Concepts...Insights. I release expectation that your Faith will be like a magnet leading you like a Divine Compass hour by hour, even in the coming days...I decree that every Seed that you have planted in the work of God, every Seed that you have sown will silence every adversary and release a hundredfold return into your life.
    Thank You Again... For Partnering With Me In The Eternal Gospel..! The work of God is the greatest soil on earth...and guarantees an Uncommon Harvest of Divine Favor.

                                                                                     Your Faith Partner,


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