Precious Partner...

    It is so important you know this.
    I am thinking about you as I sit here in my study. My beautiful wonderful many blessings in my lifetime came through the Gift of Access.
    Everything you are craving in your life will come through a person. The difference in seasons is who likes you. God cannot change your life until He changes who you have Access to.
    The quality of your Future completely depends on the quality of Access. Who advises you? Who warns you? Who speaks up for you? Unfortunately, you can lose the precious Gift of Access.
    I have had Access to the greatest humans God ever created since the Apostle Paul. Some of them I lost Access to because I did not know the protocol. I did not know the requirements. I could not read the difference of the Moment. I thought they would react to my need instead of my respect for them. Access is incredibly valuable...and you can make mistakes that can destroy the Gift of Access.

    What You Do Not Respect Will Move Away From You. There are several types of disrespect for people. Disrespect of their time...achievements...knowledge...credibility. The Pharisees did not respect Jesus, and He did not have a meal with them. But, when Zacchaeus, the ungodly tax collector, put forth an effort to climb a tree to make certain he could see Jesus, then Jesus made time to have a meal with him.
    You are known for your integrity. Your reputation is worth more than riches and gold (Proverbs 22:1). Guard your integrity. Focus on it. Carefully examine each word and sentence that comes from your lips. Never say anything insincere. What you are will eventually become exposed and known. Become known for integrity.

    It is essential in pursuing uncommon success to never trivialize the Gift of Access. Everything you want will come through a can lose 30 years in a single day. Persevere and enjoy the Gift of Access in your life today!
    I would love to hear from you today...would you email me at [email protected] and share with me the small things you are I can personally pray for you?

                                                           I Love Being Your Intercessor,


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