Your Breakthrough Is Closer Than You Think..!

Precious Partner...

    God Is The Source of Every Good Thing In Your Life.
    The only place in Scripture God invited you to prove His existence was through The Tithe. The Tithe is 10 percent of what He has provided for you. It is not the repayment of a debt to Him, because you owe God everything. The Tithe is simply the acknowledgment of your debt.
    Many People Overlook The Fact That Tithing Brings Many Immediate Rewards. They are living in ignorance of God's Passion to increase them. They have never been taught to sow with an Expectation of a return.
    You Can Have A Financial Breakthrough Today. God has a Harvest ready for you. You are already walking in the midst of it. You must realize it...recognize it...receive it.
    Everything We Do, Even The Words We Speak, Is For A Reaction. We are walking magnets expecting response. Expectation is a magnet for what we want. Expectation is another word for faith...for trust...for confidence. There is something you are not seeing, and it is costing you. the benefit of Tithing is that it unleashes a force, a current of Expectation that nothing else births. When I Tithe, Expectation comes alive in me. What is God going to do now? I wonder where His favor is going to show up. Expectation comes alive inside of you that does not come any other way. The marvelous thing is your Expectation is from a qualified Source capable of responding to you.
    When You Come To God, You Have Got To Come Based On Who He Is. God is a Rewarder. He has plans for you and me, and they are not for evil, but they are for good. God has a giving nature.
    Tithing Plants The Seed of Expectation In Your Mind. Tithing unleashes self-confidence in your approach to God. Tithing silences satan's accusations against you. Tithing authorizes God to confront your adversaries for you. You cannot afford to ignore the rewards of Tithing. Tithing is the Golden Bridge over the chasm to your Future Harvest. God has reserved the hundredfold blessing for you. Honor Him with your obedience in giving your Tithe and Offerings. Remember, You have a Harvest today!

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I Love Being Your Intercessor,


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